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After many years working with creative project management and more recently with education and human development projects, naturally began to emerge requests and indications of professional and personal advisory.
The goal of the process is, through design concept, to create a desirable future for you. The advisory service seeks precisely to reformulate the vision we have of our career. Our profession is not an end in itself, but one aspect of our life. Having a fulfilled life implies being in line with the different areas of our life (personal and professional), in order to live coherently with what we believe in, building our vision of the future. For that, we covered some topics during this journey:
  • Self knowledge
  • Scenario building and vision
  • Changing paradigms and mindset
  • Networking and relationship
  • Career transition and professional relocation
At what stage of your professional life are you?
  • I seek professional replacement;
  • I am rethinking my career and studying a transition;
  • I want to be a entrepreneur
  • I have my own business and I need help to structure this new stage.
Whatever your moment, we will carefully look at your path, develop your skills, expand your network and outline an action plan that makes sense with you and your vision for the future!

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