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Hello! I'm Fernanda. I'm Brazilian, but I currently live in Santiago - Chile.


Let me share with you my story;


My journey begins with the understanding of design as a communication tool, working with visual design (graphic and web) for ad agencies. Later I went through an immersion in product design, with a focus on fashion and behavior, working in industry and retail. During this period I studied Fashion Design, Communication Design and Visual Arts, in Brazil and Portugal.

My first career transition was for the cultural sector, working in the management of art and education projects for various institutions, such as the Mercosul Art Biennial, Daros Latinamerica Collection and the Tomie Ohtake Institute. At the Tomie Ohtake Institute I started to connect with the themes of accessibility, diversity and inclusion. 

I currently work with social design, education and development, with a focus on innovation, creating products-services that has real meaning for people and organizations. From the understanding of design as a way of thinking and solving problems, I then arrive at social design as a system, seeking through projects focused on the user to impact organizations and society, generating significant and valuable systemic transformations.

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