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Thinking outside the box

If you are not part of the problem, be part of the solution!

Based on years of study and experience in design projects and creative areas, the consulting in design and innovation uses co-creation processes, with a user-centered approach to create solutions that have greater adherence to people's needs.


If we want to solve challenging problems, we can't be guided by the same tools and processes we use to create them, right?


The biggest gain of projects that use the design approach and its different tools is the collaborative action, bringing different perspectives on the same problem, enriching the point of view and expanding the debate to create the solution.


The design process responds very well in solving complex problems that depend on many variables and stakeholders. We start by developing a diagnosis of the context, investigating the problem, and from there, together with the users, create a solution that is desirable, and at the same time financially viable and technically possible.
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